SkandiFit Story

I have always loved movement in its various forms. It started with dancing, as a way to express myself, but throughout the years I’ve experimented with different types of workouts. I went onto find a love for running after hating it with passion for years, found myself enjoying working out in the gym, realised that Pilates and Yoga aren’t necessarily boring and even tipped my toe in CrossFit! What I have realised is that you just have to find the thing you enjoy doing and it may change from one thing to another through the years.

I started off as a dance teacher and I really loved watching my people learn, smiling at me week after week and feeling so much better afterwards. How they visibly enjoy themselves in my class. SkandiFit has been at the back of my mind for years, wanting to put all my years of movement and coaching experience into something that will reach more people. I’m passionate about making each and every one of my clients to feel better at the end of the session, feel better in their bodies at the end of the week, and to be able to enjoy life with family and friends.

In today’s society, we put so many pressures on women, on ourselves around how we should look, how to raise our children, how quickly we should “bounce back” from pregnancy, working outside the home but also raising your kids like a stay-at-home parent. In SkandiFit, I want to give you a chance to focus on yourself for a change, on how you areĀ feeling, appreciating yourself and your body for what it can do – not how it looks. The looks will follow, but the feeling you get from the workouts and healthy choices will carry you through the tough times. It’s about the mindset, what you decide to focus on!