Postnatal Training

Did you know that your 6 or 12 week check up with your GP does not clear you to jump straight back into running, crossfit, or any other high intensity training? It is just a clearance to say you can start back, but there are specific guidelines to follow and milestones to hit to safely get back into whatever your game is.

I am a qualified post-natal exercise specialist and I will not have you do hill sprints, burpees or jumping rope in the first weeks or even months of our sessions. My aim is to look at where you are at after all the changes caused by pregnancy and delivery, teach you strategies to safely manage load and pressure, and eventually get you back into running, skipping and hopping, or just getting through the days running after your kids feeling strong and able for it.

My aim is to have you walk out of each session a little bit taller, feeling stronger and more able for what life (and a new baba!) throws at you. The focus is on your overall health, to safely work your way back to regular exercise or sport.

Depending on your situation and preference, we will either work one-to-one, in a small group setting with other mamas & babas, or you may take part in the Semi-Private training programme.

All post-natal clients are required to do an initial consultation session with me. The consultation will last approximately 60 minutes and will consist of a conversation so I get to know where you are at, if you had any issues with pregnancy or delivery, if you are suffering from any injuries and what your goals are. After the conversation I will do a movement assessment to see where you are at so I can build a programme specific to your goals and needs. Currently, assessment sessions are done through a video call.

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