Class Descriptions

Strength & Conditioning (60min) Gym workout in a supportive and fun group environment? Yes please! This class is programmed to hit all areas of your body in a way that supports everyday movement patterns. In this class we will utilise external weights, what it is depends on what you have at home. If you don’t have kettlebells or dumbbells lying around, fill a rucksack with books and that will do the job too. There is always an option for a bodyweight exercise too.

Mobility Flow (40min)Achy neck or tight hips? Is your back giving you hassle from too much sitting? This session is focused on great movement patterns and opening up those tight spots. In the class we will go through a mobilising and strengthening full body flow. It’s a great class to complement your current exercise routine or for someone who would like to start an exercise regime but would prefer not to jump around too much. Suitable, and recommended, for absolutely everybody and every body!

Bodyweight Intervals (50mins) This class mixes cardiovascular and resistance training in a fun-filled and supportive group environment. The class will start with a warm up that focuses on mobility and getting your body ready for the main event. The main workout is an interval based circuit training where we will attack the whole body with every day functional movements like squats, cardio moves like jumping jacks and burpees, and condition your core with planks and the likes!The class is suitable for all fitness levels as all the exercises can be scaled up or down based on individual fitness levels. Bring a water bottle, mat and a big smile with you!