Welcome to SkandiFit!

My name is Mirva, I am a personal trainer based in Cabinteely and I offer private and semi-private fitness sessions to women based in South Dublin.

I am passionate about making movement part of everyone’s life. I believe movement is fundamental for our wellbeing. It makes us feel better both physically and mentally. It’s a crucial part of reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. If it’s weight loss (or more importantly, fat loss!) that you’re looking for – adding exercise into your plan is a key to success in the long run. Good habits also breed other good habits and rather than focusing on negatives and restricting yourself, why not shift the focus on adding some goodness in. Add exercise into your weekly routine. Add more vegetables into your meals. Drink more water to ensure you’re well hydrated.

My Feel Good Studio is a safe and fun place for women to exercise in. To connect with other women and get support. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum of 5, newly post-natal wondering how to get back to regular exercise, or indeed to start exercising after pregnancy, or you work outside the home trying to juggle all the work, home and other commitments – I look at you as a whole and we make a plan together that will fit around your lifestyle and commitments.

Due to the current situation, I also offer my services online. My online fitness classes bring my clients together in these strange times and we get to have a quick chat as well as get the workout done.

There are two things I believe in that are the guiding principles of everything I do in SkandiFit:

1. You have to enjoy it. No, it’s not always going to be fabulous, but overall you have to love, or at least enjoy, what you do.

2. Exercise should be seen as a celebration of what your body is capable of, not as a punishment for what you ate. You are amazing. Your body is amazing – be kind to yourself and your body!